Month: December 2013

Santa and His Reindeer (Lacing skills)

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The difficulty level can be modified according to the objectives of your lesson. I just wanted the kids to do a simple lacing activity while making a Christmas craft, so this is what I came up with.


Picture of Santa in his sleigh, picture of a few reindeer, a string (or whatever you find it appropriate to use), crayons, glue, glitter glue pen (for the stars), and yellow art paper (for the moon)


For teacher/adult: Punch holes on the reindeer

For the kids:

1) Color the pictures

2) Cut them out

3) Have the kids lace the string into the reindeer

4) Stick the front of the string onto Santa’s hand so it looks like he’s holding it

5) With the help of an adult, use a masking tape/glue the extra string to the back of the paper, so it won’t look like it’s ‘cut-off’

6) Stick Santa onto the paper

7) Cut out yellow circles (For moon)

8) Let the kids have fun creating the stars with the glitter glue pen to create stars!

Have a fun-filled Christmas & Happy New Year!


Elf on the Shelf 3D craft (4-5 yo)

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Was supposed to post this 2 weeks ago, but as usual, work got in the way. Anyhoo, this is a very simple Elf on the Shelf craft but has gotten many compliments in school.


a cut out of the Elf, art paper, scissors, crayons, cellophane tape


1) Print out Elf picture

2) Let the children color it then cut it out

3) On another piece of paper, let the children draw the picture you intend them to draw, or let their imaginations go wild (depending on age. The older your kid is, the more accurate their drawing will be. Otherwise, draw them an example, and ask them to copy it, which was what I did with my kids)

3) Fold the Elf’s bottom and knees, so it’ll look like he’s sitting down.

4) Fold the cellophane tape in such a way that when you stick the elf, it’ll look like it’s sticking out of the paper, for the 3D effect. (Refer to the picture attached)

5) Tada! Your very own Elf on the Shelf! 🙂