I Can Sing A Rainbow

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IMG_4744I love the “I can sing a rainbow” song (You can find it on youtube :)) and missed singing it with the kids from my previous school, so I decided to teach it to this new group too. To reinforce what we learned, we made this rainbow craft. It’s really simple.

Materials needed: paper plate, pictures of stuff we see in the sky (we had a sun, hot air balloon, and a plane. Template below)

To-do: Cut the paper plate into half. Draw the outlines for the colors of the rainbow.


1) Color the rainbow

2) Color the sun, hot air balloon and a plane. You can add the clouds too, which my kids did 🙂 OR you can use cotton balls 🙂

3) Cut out the pictures.

4) Glue them on the rainbow 🙂

Template for the pictures: I can sing a rainbow template Have fun! 🙂


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