The Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen, Pictures by Dan Hanna

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The pout pout fishAnother recent favorite. We read it twice on two different days, so much so the children can recite the ‘I’m a pout pout fish, with a pout pout face, so I spread the dreary-wearies, all over the place.”

This is what we did together to make the story more interactive:

1) Before starting, I asked the kids to show me a pout. “Give me the worst pout ever!” That created a few giggles. Some thought they ‘pouted’ when they were actually smiling. Pointing that out created more giggles! 🙂 Ask them if we pout when we are happy or sad.

2) Briefly tell them what this story is about.

3) Before you start, tell them you need their help to tell this story. Ask them to say this with you: “Blub…bluuuub…bluuuuuubbbb….” My kids loved this part a lot! Remember to say this with a pout and a sulk!

4) When you read the story, remember, BE EXPRESSIVE and DRAMATIC! Use different voices!

As for the activity, we cut out the outline of a fish, and created our very own Pout Pout Fish!

1) Color the fish. Remember to draw a really nice pout! Or turn it into an upside down pout. (One of my kids turned her fish upside down to show me hers is a Smile-Smile Fish :))

2) Cut out the fish.

3) Stick it on a white piece of paper. Draw your fish her/his friends and other sea creatures. (I managed to take a picture of some of their work.)

Alternatively (for older kids), you can also ask them draw what can they do to help a friend turn their pout into a smile. What can they do to make someone else feel better?



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