One piece of paper, loads of fun! (Ages 4 – 5)

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This is a very simple activity I came up with, when we had a whole lot of time to kill. The kids love the story cards I brought to school (Each card has a picture on it. Picture of the Story Cards is shown below. I got it from Walmart for only $1 🙂 ) So I decided to use them again.

1) Pick a few cards (We picked 4)

2) Create a story.

3) Then tell them they can make their own story and turn it into a storybook! Trust me, they’ll get all excited!

4) Give them options for their storybook. They can follow the same story they just created, or…they can come up another one entirely on their own.

5) Create-your-own-storybook activity:

* Take out a construction paper or any paper (At least an a4 size)

* Fold it half, then half again. This will give you 4 sections. The children can cut the 4 sections, using the folded lines as guide.

* Write the page numbers – 1, 2, 3, 4 (on the bottom right corner of the pages)

* Draw on each of the 4 pieces of paper.

* Optional: A cover for their storybook – write the title of their book and their name 🙂

* Staple the pages together 🙂

This time, I managed to take some pictures of 2 of the books 🙂 One of them followed the story we created together as a class; while the other decided to create a whole new story himself 🙂


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