Edwina the Dinosaur who didn’t know she was extinct by Mo Willems

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EdwinaThis is our current favorite book. The kids loved it so much we read it twice in a day! Their favorite character? Edwina of course 🙂 One mom even asked me who’s this Edwina her daughter has been telling her about! Haha Also, the wonderful illustrations definitely make them love this book even more!

Some suggestions on how to make reading this story more interesting:

1) Talk about the cover.

2) Give them an idea of what the book is about and have them guess the ending.

3) Dramatize. Dramatize. Dramatize using voice and facial expressions.

4) Try saying Reginald Von Hoobie-Doobie in a funny way. Say Reginald Von (slightly slower) then Hooobie-Doobie really quickly. Ask the children to say it with you. They will love it!

5) Give them time to look at the pictures. Listen and watch their reactions, then respond accordingly. This way you’re making the story more interactive.

Finally, we did this activity (template below): Using different shapes to ‘recreate’ Edwina.

1) Color the shapes.

2) Create a dinosaur using the different shapes.

3) Stick it onto a paper then place ‘Edwina’ in a different place by drawing anything the children want. You’d be amazed with their ideas! Some of them managed to draw what they saw from the book (Yep, should have taken a picture). Some decided to draw her with her chocolate cookies 🙂

4) OR you can also stick it on a stick and voila! You have a dinosaur ‘puppet’! 🙂

Here’s a template I created:

Dinosaur stick puppet


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