Easter craft and gift ideas!

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IMG_3008  IMG_3015

A little late….but as they say, better late than never! 🙂

Here’s a simple Easter Day greeting card we made.

Materials: A4 paper, card stock paper, torn yellow paper, googly eyes, crayons, stickers (optional)

Preparation: As seen below (Depending on your child’s capability. For my class, I prepared the beak for the kids)

IMG_3016  IMG_3017

IMG_3018  IMG_3019


1) Draw an oval around the beak (For the chick)

2) Stick the torn yellow pieces of paper on the chick

3) Stick googly eyes

4) Draw the chick’s legs

4) Decorate! (either draw with crayons or use stickers, or both! 🙂 Let their imaginations soar!)

5) Draw the front of the card too

And I made these for the kids for their Easter Day goodie bags 🙂 (Added some chocolates in the bags too. What’s Easter without some easter egg candy right! 😉



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