Month: April 2013

Happy Earth Day!

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IMG_3292I gave the kids a little surprise today for Earth Day. I made them a Lorax Earth Day kit. In it were materials used to make The Lorax’s mustache:

1) Outline of Lorax’s mustache (you can find it online)

2) a stick

3) a message from the Lorax


1) Color the mustache

2) Cut it out

3) Stick it onto the stick

Put it on your face and tada! You’re The Lorax! 😀

Made the paper bags out of pages from a magazine. They were to make it at home to remind them the importance of keeping of Earth safe and clean.

This is a super simple craft you can do with your kid at home too! All you need is above (except the message from the Lorax)


Easter craft and gift ideas!

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IMG_3008  IMG_3015

A little late….but as they say, better late than never! 🙂

Here’s a simple Easter Day greeting card we made.

Materials: A4 paper, card stock paper, torn yellow paper, googly eyes, crayons, stickers (optional)

Preparation: As seen below (Depending on your child’s capability. For my class, I prepared the beak for the kids)

IMG_3016  IMG_3017

IMG_3018  IMG_3019


1) Draw an oval around the beak (For the chick)

2) Stick the torn yellow pieces of paper on the chick

3) Stick googly eyes

4) Draw the chick’s legs

4) Decorate! (either draw with crayons or use stickers, or both! 🙂 Let their imaginations soar!)

5) Draw the front of the card too

And I made these for the kids for their Easter Day goodie bags 🙂 (Added some chocolates in the bags too. What’s Easter without some easter egg candy right! 😉


Storytime & Craft: Elmer and the Lost Teddy

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Elmer and Teddy Bear craft (download the outline here. I got it from another link but I just couldn’t recall it)

I think Elmer the patchwork elephant, is every kid’s favorite elephant. I have the entire collection (No, I’m not indicating I’m a kid ok :P) And this one is about Elmer helping his friend, Baby Elephant find his lost teddy. While out on his search, Elmer lent his teddy to Baby Elephant. Upon finding and returning Baby Elephant’s lost teddy, Baby Elephant’s mom asked Elmer if he was afraid that Baby Elephant might keep his teddy too. Elmer said he knew Baby Elephant wouldn’t because everyone’s teddy is special to them.

So as for craft, I asked the children to make their very own special teddy.

Hope you’ll enjoy the story and craft as much as we did! 🙂

St Patty’s Day Craft

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Leprechaun's Pot of Gold

A very, very late post for St Patty’s Day.

We made a pot of gold and rainbow craft for St Patty’s Day.

Materials needed: paper plate, cotton, crayons

Preparation: Cut a semicircle in the middle


1) Color the rainbow

2) Color the pot and gold

3) Stick cotton (for clouds)

4) Hang it on your door knob to mark St Patty’s Day! 🙂