Month: March 2013

A simple Cat in the Hat craft

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The kids lurrrrved this craft! Initially I thought they’d need a lot of help in making this one, but they proved me wrong. They did most of this themselves. All I did was helped them cut the inner circle of the paper plate to fit on their head.

The pics are pretty self explanatory. Hope you enjoy making this with your kid(s) too! 🙂

Materials needed: Paper plate, scissors, crayons/markers/and stickers to decorate it 🙂

IMG_2764 IMG_2765


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

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It’s Dr. Seuss Birthday tomorrow (March 2nd). So today, we decided to have a little Seuss fun. We read ‘Cat in the Hat’ and then made the Cat’s nose and whiskers, and took pictures with them and his hat 🙂 As no pictures of children are allowed, this is a pic of me in his hat, nose and whiskers 🙂

    IMG_2733   IMG_2731

Freddie and the Fairy by Julia Donaldson & Karen George

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freddie and the fairyI’ve reviewed this book before about 2 years ago. Click here for it. This time round, I’m adding an activity to complete the entire reading/literacy session which I did with a new group of children age 4 – 6 years old.
Read-aloud: Identify the rhyming words with the children, while going back and forth to help them remember what Freddie wished for and what Bessie Belle conjured up for him instead. It is also to get them into the flow of rhyming.
Activity: Create your own post-reading activity. I just did a simple one by asking them again what Freddie wished for; why the fairy kept getting it wrong; what were the 3 rules for Freddie – is it important for us to do that too? and so forth.
Art & literacy: Think of something you’d like to wish for when you see Bessie Belle and what she might conjure up if you didn’t say it properly. Draw.
Some interesting ones my kids came up with:
1) School – Tool
2) Baby shark – Mark on his face
3) Toy – toys
4) Hat – bat
They had fun doing it because they thought it was pretty hilarious when they came up with the ‘wrong’ wishes 🙂 Hope you’ll have fun with this too!

Chain story: The Dragon(s) in the Castle

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dragoncastleWe did a ‘chain story’ in class today, but not with things (like we did before here), just plain words and sentences. One sentence per child. They are already familiar with this activity so we didn’t have as much problems as before. This is a mixed-age group of kids.

Objective: To familiarize the children with story structure – beginning, middle, end, flow.

This is what they came up with (I’m staying as close as I can to the original and the children’s own words):

I started the story with: Once upon a time, there was a castle far far away.

Children’s contribution: The castle was in the water and it shook all the water away, leaving only sand. Then, the bad guys entered the castle. In the castle, there was a big red dragon. Then daddy came out and fight with the dragon and the dragon had blood all over his body. The dragon flew to the doctor and the doctor took care of her. After she was well, she went back home, in the water, and suddenly a baby came out of her stomach. The baby was really cute. They found a lollipop in their home. The mommy had a big lollipop and the baby had a small one. They were happy because the lollipop was yummy.

The End.

There were a couple of hiccups here and there with the much younger ones, who weren’t familiar with ‘flow’ and have a tendency to create their own story or just start from the very beginning again. Because the objective of this activity was for the children to get to know a story structure, I had to help/guide the child to continue the flow of the story.

They were very proud of how the story came out and even wanted to draw and write their story 🙂