Month: February 2013

A simple rainy day activity

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I love experimenting with new ideas/activities with my kids so this was one of them that I tried which the children loved.

This is an activity I did with the kids on a rainy day when we can’t go to the playground. It was a show and tell day so I kind of used the things they showed and talked about.

I know they love talking about what they brought to school so I asked them to show and talk about it again. After that I borrowed all their stuff and put it on a table. Then I gathered them around the table and explained to them the game:

1) Memorize all the items that are on the table.

2) Then go all the way to the back of the classroom (a spot where they can’t see the items).

3) I’m going to take away one or a few items from it and I’ll call one of you at a time and you will have to tell me what is or are missing.

I never thought that they’d enjoy this little activity but they did 🙂 To make it more interesting, I divided them into 2 groups – one who got it right (group 1), the other who didn’t (group 2).

Then I got each child from group 1 to describe the item(s) to group 2, until group 2 gets it right.

The kids had so much fun describing and the other group guessing 🙂 Hope you and your kids will enjoy this activity as much as we did! 🙂