Month: January 2013

Frosty the Snowman Craft and Song/Dance Activity

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IMG_2260Another winter activity with a favorite character of all time – Frosty the Snowman! We sang the song of course, but with a little dance and actions added to it 🙂 (We stopped at the first part of the story)

It’s easy to add actions to this song but when we came to ‘Thumpety Thump Thump’ we tapped our feet while jumping a little (sorta like a tap dance) – left, right, left, right, right while placing our hands on our hips 🙂 The children loved it!

For art & craft, we made Frosty the Snowman bookmarks. Mine is as per picture. The children made their very own.

I also asked them to draw whatever they want to make their bookmarks more interesting. On top of that, I asked them to tell me what they drew and what story it told.

They came up with some really creative stories 🙂 One had an advice: “Wear your jacket when it’s cold!” (Frosty and his friend went to space and Frosty didn’t bring his jacket even after his friend told him to) Another one had Frosty’s umbrella blown into the sky and a little snowflake helped him get it back 🙂 She said she got the idea from a book.

I had so much fun. Hope they did too 🙂


Snowflake activities

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IMG_2186I got carried away when buying some art & craft materials for my kids. With those I came up with this ‘snowflake’ idea. I told the kids, each snowflake is unique and not one is the same. The picture shown here is mine, but I made a ‘Christmas tree’…I kinda trashed the Christmas tree idea for the obvious reason that Christmas is over.

So, using the ice-cream sticks and glittery-decor, I asked them to design their very own snowflakes. Some did the traditional snowflake shape, and some created their very own shapes. Yep, should have taken a picture (AGAIN!) 😦

Then, for dance and movement, I taught them this song (as per picture), but I tweaked the lyrics a little bit. Mine went like this (Sing to ‘Five Green Bottles):

5 little snowflakes, dancing here and there, (repeat) : I asked the kids to all stand up and pretend to be snowflakes, while lifting left then right feet, and turn around (when we sing ‘dancing here and there’)

Then one little snowflake, fell onto the ground, (crouch down really low, like a tiny snowflake on the ground)

4 little snowflakes, dancing here and there

4 little snowflakes, dancing here and there (repeat)

Then one little snowflake, fell onto the ground,

3 little snowflakes, dancing here and there.

(Sing until you reach zero)

Zero little snowflakes, not one to be found (repeat); because all of the snowflakes, fell onto the ground; zero little snowflakes, not one to be found.

If you have a smaller class, then you can start with the number of kids you have, then each can pretend to be one snowflake that falls onto the ground…