Stories about my kids

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Story #1: Love and Invitations!

Loving my job everyday. Received so many ‘I love you’s’ and hugs yesterday. One even invited me to her house for a little sleepover! Haha and whn I told her I can’t make it for her bday party she said, in her exact words, ‘It’s ok. I will tell my daddy to give you a ride to my party. You must come. You got my invitation.’ She’s only three… Cute or what! Haha

Story #2: Keep warm!

It was so chilly when we stepped out of the classroom today. I told the kids it’s so cold even with my thick jacket on. So one of my kids suggested tht I put my hands in my pocket which I did.

When the kids were playing at the playground, suddenly one of them called out to me and said, put your hands back into your pocket…! It’s cold!

I smiled and said ok. Obediently I did as he said šŸ™‚

Kids! Don’t they just surprise you? :))

Story #3: A little magic

It’s been cloudy past few days, so I taught d children the ‘Mr Sun’ song and said ‘let’s hope by singing this song, mr sun will come out and play tomorrow’.

But the next day, it was still a little cloudy when we went out to play. Then one of d kids came to me and said, ‘Still no sun’ šŸ˜¦ So I said, ‘why don’t we try again’ and we started singing the song again.

Then, like magic, the sun peeked outta the clouds. The little girl smiled and said, “It worked! It worked!” Haha

Thank you God, for making that little girl’s wish come true šŸ™‚

Story #4: You must come

A little girl invited me to her birthday party but I couldn’t make it. So I told her the next day, to which she said, “It’s Ok Miss Veronica. I will tell my daddy and ask him to give you a ride to my party. You got my invitation. You must come.” I just smiled and said I’ll try.

Story #5: A special princess

I gave the girl an early birthday gift since I couldn’t make it for her party. So I asked the next day if she liked the gift (a tiara). These were her words:

“I liked it a lot Miss Veronica! But…but…” And struggled to come up with the words,…but finally she said, “but it’s a little big for my head.” She didn’t want me to feel bad it took her so long to say those words…”If it’s smaller it’ll be perfect!”

I replied, “Aw….I’m so sorry to hear that… šŸ˜¦ I was really hoping you could put it on, for your birthday party.”

“But Miss Veronica. I will wear it on my birthday. Then everyone will say I’m a pretty princess!”

“I’m sure they will! And did you like your birthday card I made?”


“Yes yes! I love it!” :))



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