Ornaments on My Christmas Tree

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christmas-tree-shapes-cI was looking for some Christmas tree activities and stumbled upon this. I find that it needed a little more challenge for my kids so I modified it a little, with these objectives in mind:

1) The children learn how to draw new shapes – heart and star

2) Learn to copy an example of the new shapes.

2) Children LISTEN and FOLLOW the instructions of the activity (We know how ‘good’ children are at that :))

3) The children HAVE FUN while at it.

To get them excited about it, sing Christmas tree song before the activity. We sang ‘The Dancing Christmas Tree.” I found this on youtube:

My version of the Christmas tree activity: Give an overall idea of what you’re going to do – draw a christmas tree with ornaments of different shapes. Everyone will be told what shapes to draw.

1) Children to draw a christmas tree. NO COLORING yet until you say so. The younger ones might have problems drawing a christmas tree. (I only realized it on that day itself. So I drew a sample (a more accurate version) and an easier version of a christmas tree – a triangle (tree) and a rectangle (tree trunk)) and let the children copy the version they prefer. (You can tell a lot about them by their preference – those who prefer a challenge and those who do not; those who want to try, those who don’t)

2) Ask them to draw the first shape (whichever you want) and how many of them. E.g. Two ornaments in the shape of a triangle; three oval ornaments; etc…I included a ‘heart’ shape too and lastly a star. The star might be challenging. I made it easier by drawing two triangles – one upright, and another, upside down.

3) Color the ornaments. Color the ornaments last, because if you do it after drawing each shape, some children might take a long time coloring the ornaments and you’ll have to wait for everyone to finish.

4) Make sure the instructions are given one at a time. You’ll find that not all of them are good at following instructions. One of my kids couldn’t follow at all, while the rest didn’t have any problems, even a 3 year old.

5) Once they’ve colored their ornaments, they can start coloring the tree.

6) Draw presents near their christmas trees. One boy even asked, “Can I draw the floor?” He read my mind haha And they learned how to draw ribbons for their presents too.

Their trees and ornaments looked so lovely. I was surprised by the 3 year old girl. She chose the more complicated version of the christmas tree and drew her shapes so well! Never once did she say, “I can’t”. She made mistakes, learned from it and tried it again. This little girl has lots of potential.

And once again, I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES!!! *face palm*


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