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The Defiant Little Girl

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defiantgirlOk. It’s not always fun at school. All teachers and children know that. This particular day, the birthday girl I’ve mentioned in my post before, was being defiant, not only to me but to all other teachers. We kind of blamed it on sugar. Mom packed her candy for her lunch snack. This isn’t good news for any teachers.

She didn’t sleep during nap time. So I went to her and talked to her. I told her to try take a nap and not disturb her friend. She didn’t listen and just wouldn’t. Then I told her that I’m gonna tell her mommy not to pack the same snack for her the next time if she’s not going to listen. (She told me before, that she loved what her mom packed for her today and she was going to tell her mom when she got home). Still, she didn’t listen. After a few warnings, she kinda applied ‘reversed psychology’ on me. Finally, she said, “Go tell my mommy then. I don’t care. I don’t like sweet stuff anyway. I like spicy.” I was appalled she responded that way. I told another teacher what happened and she too, tried talking to her about it.

That didn’t work too. She was running everywhere when everyone was supposed to be sitting in a circle. And she was chattier than usual during mid-afternoon snack. She was disturbing other friends during art and craft too. I continued to observe.

On that day, I’ve actually prepared a little pre-Christmas surprise for them. I made little Santa sleighs using candy canes and chocolates for each of them. But before giving it to them, I did a little activity with them. It went like this:

1) I asked them if they wish to own Santa’s sleigh

2) Santa might grant them that wish if they could draw some reindeers to pull the sleigh

3) Once they were done, I asked them to close their eyes and wish really really hard that Santa would grant that wish

4) With their eyes closed, I placed the santa sleighs behind all of their chairs…except for one

When they opened their eyes, I asked them to look behind their chairs and they were elated…except for one.

Yep. The ‘birthday girl’. She turned around and looked for hers. Her friends noticed that too, and asked me why she didn’t have one. I asked the others if they knew why. One very smart girl said, “She didn’t draw reindeers. SHe didn’t follow instructions.” (I did mention that to the birthday girl while she was drawing. I kept asking her where were her reindeers but she ignored me. Instead she told me what she drew – princess, girl, trees…etc…and no reindeers. I told her if she wanted to have Santa’s sleigh…she gotta start drawing some reindeers. Still she ignored me.)

After that activity, it was free play. The ‘birthday girl’ didn’t want to join her friends. I asked why. She said, “I’m feeling upset. I didn’t get my sleigh.”

“Do you know why?” I asked.

“I didn’t draw the reindeers.”

“Yep. You didn’t follow instructions. And you know Santa only gives presents to those who are nice right?”

She nodded.

“Have you been nice today?”

She didn’t answer. So I asked more straight forward questions.

“Did you nap during nap time?”


“Did you listen to your teachers?”

She shook her head.

“How are you feeling now?”


“Well, that’s exactly how I felt when you didn’t listen to me today. Is this a good feeling?”


About 20 mins later, her dad came to pick her up. And she said this to me, “I’m going to tell daddy I didn’t get my sleigh.”

I kinda expected she’d say that. So I was prepared and said, “Oh. You don’t need to do that. I’ll do that myself.” And I did. I told Daddy what happened the entire day. As I did that, she hunched and cast her eyes down as she walked in circles next to Daddy.

THen I called her and told her that I’ve told Daddy what happened and that Santa was aware of it too. “You must promise to behave before I give you the sleigh.”

She promised and I gave her the sleigh.

The next day, she was at her best behavior. I know children forget really fast so I need to be consistent with my rules with them.


Santa’s little sleighs…

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I came across this cute idea for a sleigh using candy and chocolates (I can’t remember the site tho 😦 ) So I decided to turn it into a little activity. I made one for each of my kid and brought it to school.

Before starting, I asked the children if they would like to own Santa’s sleigh. Everyone chimed in, ‘Yes!’ Then I said, well, why don’t we draw some reindeers on our papers now, and who knows, Santa might give each one of you a sleigh.

IMG_2085So they started drawing their little reindeers. I asked them to ‘decorate’ the reindeers’ antlers too. They had so much fun doing it! The antlers turned out to be so colorful and some had cute Christmas ornaments on it haha

Once everyone’s done, I said, ‘Now, close your eyes, and wish really really hard that Santa would give you a sleigh! But you must close your eyes otherwise Santa might not come. I will count to 30 to give Santa some time.’ So they closed their eyes, while I placed the little sleighs behind their chairs.

Then, I asked them to open their eyes and turn around…They squealed when they saw the little sleighs. One even said, “Santa came! Santa came!”

Then they asked me, “You didn’t get yours?”

“No…” I said, sadly…

“Why not?”

“Coz I opened my eyes, and he ran away… Can you give me yours?” None of them answered hahaha They started looking at each other. Then one said, “It’s okay! You can always try again.” And happily played with their sleighs.

IMG_2107Though not everyone got their sleighs. One of them didn’t. This is another story on its own 🙂

Anyway, the next day, one of them gave me this card…She really made my day 🙂 The mom is really thoughtful.

Stories about my kids

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Story #1: Love and Invitations!

Loving my job everyday. Received so many ‘I love you’s’ and hugs yesterday. One even invited me to her house for a little sleepover! Haha and whn I told her I can’t make it for her bday party she said, in her exact words, ‘It’s ok. I will tell my daddy to give you a ride to my party. You must come. You got my invitation.’ She’s only three… Cute or what! Haha

Story #2: Keep warm!

It was so chilly when we stepped out of the classroom today. I told the kids it’s so cold even with my thick jacket on. So one of my kids suggested tht I put my hands in my pocket which I did.

When the kids were playing at the playground, suddenly one of them called out to me and said, put your hands back into your pocket…! It’s cold!

I smiled and said ok. Obediently I did as he said 🙂

Kids! Don’t they just surprise you? :))

Story #3: A little magic

It’s been cloudy past few days, so I taught d children the ‘Mr Sun’ song and said ‘let’s hope by singing this song, mr sun will come out and play tomorrow’.

But the next day, it was still a little cloudy when we went out to play. Then one of d kids came to me and said, ‘Still no sun’ 😦 So I said, ‘why don’t we try again’ and we started singing the song again.

Then, like magic, the sun peeked outta the clouds. The little girl smiled and said, “It worked! It worked!” Haha

Thank you God, for making that little girl’s wish come true 🙂

Story #4: You must come

A little girl invited me to her birthday party but I couldn’t make it. So I told her the next day, to which she said, “It’s Ok Miss Veronica. I will tell my daddy and ask him to give you a ride to my party. You got my invitation. You must come.” I just smiled and said I’ll try.

Story #5: A special princess

I gave the girl an early birthday gift since I couldn’t make it for her party. So I asked the next day if she liked the gift (a tiara). These were her words:

“I liked it a lot Miss Veronica! But…but…” And struggled to come up with the words,…but finally she said, “but it’s a little big for my head.” She didn’t want me to feel bad it took her so long to say those words…”If it’s smaller it’ll be perfect!”

I replied, “Aw….I’m so sorry to hear that… 😦 I was really hoping you could put it on, for your birthday party.”

“But Miss Veronica. I will wear it on my birthday. Then everyone will say I’m a pretty princess!”

“I’m sure they will! And did you like your birthday card I made?”


“Yes yes! I love it!” :))


Ornaments on My Christmas Tree

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christmas-tree-shapes-cI was looking for some Christmas tree activities and stumbled upon this. I find that it needed a little more challenge for my kids so I modified it a little, with these objectives in mind:

1) The children learn how to draw new shapes – heart and star

2) Learn to copy an example of the new shapes.

2) Children LISTEN and FOLLOW the instructions of the activity (We know how ‘good’ children are at that :))

3) The children HAVE FUN while at it.

To get them excited about it, sing Christmas tree song before the activity. We sang ‘The Dancing Christmas Tree.” I found this on youtube:

My version of the Christmas tree activity: Give an overall idea of what you’re going to do – draw a christmas tree with ornaments of different shapes. Everyone will be told what shapes to draw.

1) Children to draw a christmas tree. NO COLORING yet until you say so. The younger ones might have problems drawing a christmas tree. (I only realized it on that day itself. So I drew a sample (a more accurate version) and an easier version of a christmas tree – a triangle (tree) and a rectangle (tree trunk)) and let the children copy the version they prefer. (You can tell a lot about them by their preference – those who prefer a challenge and those who do not; those who want to try, those who don’t)

2) Ask them to draw the first shape (whichever you want) and how many of them. E.g. Two ornaments in the shape of a triangle; three oval ornaments; etc…I included a ‘heart’ shape too and lastly a star. The star might be challenging. I made it easier by drawing two triangles – one upright, and another, upside down.

3) Color the ornaments. Color the ornaments last, because if you do it after drawing each shape, some children might take a long time coloring the ornaments and you’ll have to wait for everyone to finish.

4) Make sure the instructions are given one at a time. You’ll find that not all of them are good at following instructions. One of my kids couldn’t follow at all, while the rest didn’t have any problems, even a 3 year old.

5) Once they’ve colored their ornaments, they can start coloring the tree.

6) Draw presents near their christmas trees. One boy even asked, “Can I draw the floor?” He read my mind haha And they learned how to draw ribbons for their presents too.

Their trees and ornaments looked so lovely. I was surprised by the 3 year old girl. She chose the more complicated version of the christmas tree and drew her shapes so well! Never once did she say, “I can’t”. She made mistakes, learned from it and tried it again. This little girl has lots of potential.

And once again, I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES!!! *face palm*