Jack-In-The-Box Classroom Activities

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This jack-in-the-box song-action and art and craft activity was a hit with my preschoolers, so I thought of recording it here for future reference.

First, I introduced the children to the ‘Jack-In-The-Box’ song. The loved it so much I heard them humming the tune when their parents came to pick them up 🙂 The video is below if you want to hear it.

Then I added some fun actions into it.

1) I asked them hold hands and form a circle.

2) I called one child to squat in the middle (I demonstrated how)

3) Then I asked the other children to come closer to the middle and stretch their hands out front, just above the head of the child squatting in the middle.

4) I told them the person in the middle is going to be Jack, while we, with our hands, are going to be the box. So when we sing, “Jack in the box, Jack in the box, quiet and still, will you come out, will you come out,” Jack will reply and jump out, “Yes, I will!” Followed by the other actions – hands, head, eyes, feet and hands. (Refer to the song)

5) Each child took turns being ‘Jack’.

In the next session, I taught them how to make ‘Jack-in-the-box’. It’s pretty straight forward. Just refer to the pictures. Then I showed them how to make Jack ‘jump’ out of the ‘box’ (the plastic cup). First, pull Jack right to the base of the cup, and cover Jack with the other hand. Sing the song, and when Jack says ‘Yes I will’, push Jack all the way up, revealing his face.

On the way back, each child couldn’t wait to show them off to their parents. One parent even asked, can your Jack pop out of his box? The child said yes and demonstrated how. It was really cute! Haha



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