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The Magic Porridge Pot 2

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The Magic Porridge Pot (Session #2)

My second session of The Magic Porridge Pot 🙂 I was quite surprised to see a slightly bigger group this time and was delighted to see 3 sweet familiar faces – Emma, Natsuki and another chinese girl who came for the previous session (So sorry I forget her name 😦 ) It was a little more challenging telling the story this time, coz Emma remembered every part of it, so I had to stop her when she got excited in revealing the little surprises. Maybe I could change my strategy a little bit the next time I’m faced with such situations. Any suggestions?

As 3 of them had previously attended this session before, I changed the post storytelling activity a little. I decided to give them an art activity where they had to create their very own version of a magic pot and magic words for the pot to work 🙂 One of them came up with a really cute phrase which I thought was very creative. I WISHED I TOOK A PIC OF IT!! Arrgghhh!!! She dared to be different and was not afraid to explore unique words. If only all children could emulate that. Some decided to be safe and ‘correct’, using words they already know. Some were really artistic and came up with their very own magic pots that could create ice creams of different flavours; chocolates; e-gadgets like iphone, ipods, ipads, etc; accessories- necklaces, earrings, and many more. Though some were too young to draw and write, they told me what they were drawing 🙂 I get goosebumps when I see how creative some children can be 🙂

Here are some of the pictures taken. For more, feel free to find me on Facebook 🙂

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