The Gruffalo-Inspired Artwork & Stories

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The storytelling sessions in SStwo Mall, Petaling Jaya

My very first storytelling session outside of a bookshop. The set up was definitely different, hence I was faced with different challenges. There weren’t many willing participants to come on stage to listen to a story, so we ended up having to beg some children to come onto the stage haha

I was very drawn to a young boy who was reading a book at the book sales nearby. So I approached him (the boy in the Angry Birds t-shirt). The conversation went like this:

Before storytelling session:
Me: Would you like to join us for a storytelling session?
J: No thanks (His exact words. Not impolitely, but with a cute smile on his face :))
Me: Why not?
J: ‘cuz I think it’s gonna be boring.
Me: Don’t worry, it’d be fun!
Boy still looked doubtful.
Me: Ok, why don’t we make a deal. If in anytime you find it boring, you can leave the session. Deal?
J: Ok! Deal!

After storytelling session.
J: Mom, can I come for the storytelling session again next week?
Mom: Did you enjoy it?
J: Yeah! I thought it’d be boring at first. But I enjoyed it! So can we come again?
Mom: Sure. As long as you remind me again next week.

Really hope he’d come again next week 😀

After the storytelling session, we had some activities, one of them was colouring. I told them they could recreate The Gruffalo if they want to. The two below were some of the creative ones. Thanks to their mommy, I can post them here 🙂

Jia Le's very own Gruffalo
This picture on the left is Jia Le’s recreation of the Gruffalo. He decided to make The Gruffalo as colourful as the rainbow 🙂 And those little speech bubbles there, were inspired by his brother (as you can see from the other artwork below). Jia Le’s Gruffalo is 20 years old. He loves tarts and poisonous mushrooms. His Gruffalo is constantly bothered by the fleas on his head (also inpsired by his older brother). Warning to those who haven’t met Jia Le’s Grufflo: He’s an angry and poisonous one! 
Jia Liang, his brother, drew his Gruffalo (the one below) because he doesn’t really like colouring. And he’s one very talented artist. When I first saw what he drew, I was drawn to the little bubbles he drew on top of the gruffalo’s head. When I read it, I realised they were indeed speech bubbles. He created a ‘mini story’ using his own drawing 🙂  
Jia Liang's very own Gruffalo

One of the fleas on the head: Living in the gruffalo’s fur isn’t that bad.
The other flea: I agree!

Horns: He always uses us when he charges at something. Aren’t you tired of that?
The other horn: Of course! What do you think I am?

Gruffalo’s brain: Get that berry! I’m famished!
The Gruffalo: As you can see, I’m just a figure to scare away predators!

The Gruffalo’s tongue: It’s a poisonous tongue, which is why it has those white spots.

The fingers: Isn’t it strange that this big-headed gruffalo have us – small hands and fingers?

The legs: Never! I’m sleeping. No, wait! I’m hibernating!

Tail: I always get sit on!

Aren’t they all creative? :)) Looking forward to posting more. They keep me inspired! 🙂

Children have such amazing minds and spirit. They keep me going, no matter how tired I am. They make my days meaningful 🙂

Group picture taken after the storytelling session

2 thoughts on “The Gruffalo-Inspired Artwork & Stories

    Storyteller John Weaver said:
    October 12, 2011 at 1:05 am

    How fun! I love The Gruffalo; it makes for a fantastic, interactive read-aloud. Have you seen the animated version? It was one of last year’s Oscar-nominated animated shorts, and was surprisingly well-done.

    Oh, and three cheers to the boy who opted for drawing over coloring–it makes me sad to see preschools with bins full of coloring sheets, but no blank paper!

    g1jeewan responded:
    October 12, 2011 at 8:56 am

    Oh I wasn’t aware of that! Maybe I shd try search for it on youtube. I love all stories from Julia Donaldson 🙂

    Yeah, it was great to see him so involved in recreating the Gruffalo. Another boy also had a different Gruffalo. His Gruffalo had a rainbow-coloured tongue. I asked him why is it so colourful. He said coz his tongue is poisonous and after eating those poisonous mushrooms, his tongue became colourful haha 😀

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