Stories from my students

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Stories come in many shapes and forms. In this section, I’d be publishing all of my student’s stories (with their consent of course :)). No amendments/corrections have been done as I want to keep them original. Hope you enjoy reading them!

Stories using sentences they’ve made on prepositions
Edward Wong, 8 years old

We learnt some new prepositions in class. To give them more practice, I asked them to come up with their own sentences. Then I challenged them to create a story using the sentences they’ve just made. I let them decide whether they want to partake in this challenge or not. Two of them decided to do so. One of them is Edward, the youngest student in this class, but one of the most polite, pleasant and hardworking 🙂

Edward is indeed a joy to have in class, always willing to help and share. Never once has he created havoc in class. He adheres to all classroom rules and puts his whole heart and soul into all the class activities. And this is the story he’s written 🙂

My Dream by Chien Wen (page 1)

Chien Wen is one of the most enthusiastic and hardworking students I know. Her vivacity and positive attitude are infectious. She has shown great leadership qualities too. Her love for reading is amazing. This girl has definitely got a bright future ahead of her. Keep up the spirit, Chien Wen! 🙂

My Dream by Chien Wen (page 2)

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